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Saturday, November 9, 2013

PH poetry contest results

The results are finally here, congratulations to all the lucky winners

You can access the list of poems from here

The winner of the first place was a poem entitled "I searched you" by Ramesh Rai and I think it deserved the 1st place, not that I read all of the poems, but it is in a very different level from the others given the deep meaning and contemplation within it, one of the poems that you ponder upon.

The second entitled "Clothespins" by Jim Hiner is a heartbreaking story told beautifully into a poem, very simple rhyming words, a very touching story about his mother who's suffering from Alzheimer's.

The third place went to Ramesh T.A for his poem "Song of the singing bird" which talks mainly about poetry itself.

The scores were 3.37  3.33   3.32 respectively, which is not much of a difference at all but a winner is still a winner, and it's all about the honor of having one's masterpiece appreciated by others. As for me, I didn't even make it to the top 100 xD but I'll try harder next time.

There are massive poems within the contest that are marvelous, it's a delight to read them every now and then. Let's hope to see more of these poetry contests in the future.

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