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Friday, August 29, 2014

Colmar tropicale

(This post was meant to be written yesterday but had to be cancelled due to a lab emergency... but who cares right? xD)

Once upon a time, I said I was gonna share my vacation trip destinations (pictures) with you (you who read my blog and the me from the future) but didn't... then we lived happily ever after. But now, am going to do so bit by bit (since there are hundreds of pictures) and am gonna divide it into segments depending on region... or mood :3 probably every Thursday just so I can say TBT! And I thought I should start with the best place I visited in Malaysia so far : Colmare tropicale!!! (yeah am a racist xD)

So Colmare tropicale, A.K.A Berjaya Hills resort, is a tourist destination in Bukit Tinggi Pahang (but it's not more than an hour distance from KL). It's basically a group of separated destinations in one area that you can visit by shuttle bus (even if you go by car): There's a French village, a japanese village, botanical garden, spas, animal park and many other activities (like horse riding and such). I only visited the French and Japanese village and they were amazing! Very small but very well made, especially the French village. The only thing missing was the French menu :/ (I nearly cried) I thought, finally I can eat the food I miss from back home but there was only western and Malay food, but the view was worth it. It's a secluded area so you can be assured you'll indulge in a serene environment. I'll let the pictures speak.

my cute sister :3 

She sang Adele, like we needed the feels -_-

When you say 'French village" you'd expect something "French" but only the architecture pops up here, there's really nothing French about it. But you will enjoy the scenery for sure.
There's a Spa right in front that's build in the form of a castle, extremely fancy and very well built.Worth taking a look at but am not sure about the price.

The spa
When you walk out, you head to the right and take the shuttle bus for a tour of the place or you can head straight to the Japanese village. Note that there are specific hours for the shuttle bus, if you happen to miss them you're screwed xD There's about 1 hour to 1.30 between each bus arrival. You climb some stairs, walk into the forest a bit until you reach the place I was eager to visit! I was running impatient until I saw it... I couldn't believe my eyes. Two small Japanese houses where you get to try kimonos and take pictures in them (my favorite part) and walk around the ponds and all the Japanese instruments like the "Shishi Odoshi", it was really fun... except that I don't know where I put all the pictures and some of them even got ruined O-o (ghost photography) I managed to retrieve some of them only.

my favourite picture, waiting for Kenshin... x3

this is a tea house/restaurant with actual Japanese menu
This way leads to the botanical garden
just pondering~

On the way back, don't EVER think of returning without the shuttle bus or maybe say "why not walk there", there are monkeys: huge wild monkeys roaming around, one that could kill you with one punch... or stare, we saw one when we were on the shuttle bus so be careful not to get killed. Other than that, this trip is all worth it despite being tiring, you will head straight to bed after it and dream about visiting again... and again... and again...

So this was our Colmare tropicale story for the day, and they lived happily... ever after~

I'll see you in another lost adventure from my previous trips, until then... hmmm... I need to think of a catchy phrase... well, whatever, just go back to your boring life :)


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pretty little liars S05 Ep12 : Fatal finale

Here's a download/watch link for episode 12 of PLL season 05 uploaded on Firedrive in HD

Episode 12


Pretty little liars S05 Ep11

Here's a download/watch link for episode 11 of PLL season 05 uploaded on Firedrive in HD

Episode 11


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rare chess ebooks

This is my own collection of some of the best chess ebooks I've had and used while learning either by myself or in the chess club, I hope you can find them useful. They're designed for all types of players, from beginners to experts. Some ebooks are very old and hence, are written in the old notation system but they encompass a great deal of strategies and tips for a better game play and tactics.

Just click on the book's image to download it.

The one and only "Chess fundamentals" by the great Jose Capablanca published in 1929, it needs to introduction nor description. This is a must have for every beginner.

"How not to play chess" by Eugene and Borovsky is one of the best strategy books I've ever read. The activities inside are a must see! for every player who seeks to increase his/her tactics. This book helped me a lot in leveling up. it was first published in 1959.

Published in 1915, the "Chess strategy" by the marvelous player Edward Lasker is also one of the legends in the chess learning steps many players have taken. With 282 pages of thorough explanations and guides to ameliorate your tactics and strategies, this book covers everything.

This book"kings of chess" by William Winter in all about combination, he combined the games from the British open chess champions in 1935-1936 in which great players had participated in, such as Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine, Euwe and Botvinnik. 

Back in those days, it was all about about these two legends : Kasparov and Karpov. This book published in 1988 is about the 4th match out of 100!!! between them, David Bronstein peeks into these two great minds and how they battled their brains out in the 1987 world title game.

Another book about combinations by Walter Korn "The brilliant touch in chess" published in 1966, it's all about that deadlock players reach and need to get out of in a brilliant way and dominate the board.

A book made by the artist of end game himself, Troitzky, in "360 brilliant and instructive end games" which is a must visit station to increase your knowledge on the most critical and determinant part in a chess game.

Another "end game" book by the great Pandolfini entitled "end game course" which is less stressful and detailed unlike the hassle in other vaguely described books. Published in 1988, it's worth taking a look at.

World chess championship 1934, Alekhine Vs Bogoljubow by Reinfeld Fred and Reuben Fine is for those who like to read game analysis. It's a great experience to go into masters' minds and evaluate every step they make and why they made it.  

A little "new" or rather "modern" chess tips in Richard Reti's book "Modern ideas in chess" is also worth taking a look at by all means. It was published in 2002.

P.S : you may need to download DJVU viewer to read some of these ebooks.

Hope you enjoy reading them.

Friday, August 22, 2014

PLL fatal finale

Only few days till the big reveal, what they're calling the best finale of all 5 seasons. Episode 12 of pretty little liars season 05 will be a shocker... they said *worry worry* They even went as far as to tell us that someone will eventually die, but who is it gonna be?

It's obviously not one of the main characters (like one of the liars), meaning everyone else is in for the part : 

A soft spotlight has been cast on Mona in the past couple episodes so she could be the target, even though it'll be boring without her around.

Noel Kahn just made it back to the show somehow and he's a possible target too.

then there is Caleb :( with the start of his new show "ravenswood" he might quit PLL for good, but it'll get ugly if they kill him coz he's way too important (hot/handsome) to the show and to Hana!!! but seeing how she was crying in the sneak-peek pictures stirred some doubt in me :s you never know what happens with these crazy writers >n<

and of course the most suspicious of them all is Melissa!!! since she's telling it all it's very likely she'd be the next one on the "dying" list, especially that she'll be revealing something HUGE, they said... hmmmm... My gut tells me it's something "Alison's sister/twin" related.

I can't think of any other possible people... :(

who do YOU think it's gonna be? who will die next on the fatal finale of PLL 05??

*awaits eagerly in a corner*

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pretty little liars S05 Ep10

Here's a download/watch link for episode 10 of PLL season 05 uploaded on Firedrive in HD

Episode 10


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

PoemHunter treasure island

PoemHunter are taking it to the next level with their website and members especially. Making the poetry reading experience more fun and competitive with their new feature "treasure island". This is something I haven't seen in any other website, it's very well detailed and extremely fun to do. It's all about participating by reading, rating and submitting poems, and getting rewarded for it of course.

They have made a long list of the different activities that will have you rewarded with points for doing them. It's extremely easy especially for the members who are used to visiting the website, it's a very fun and interactive way to push members into participating more efficiently.

You can access your stats anytime just by clicking on the "treasure Island" banner then going to the bottom of the page, you will be shown the following:

As you can see, am just a rookie and I haven't started on my treasure hunt yet. A m waiting for my crew to embark on the journey together xD

Hope you guys enjoy this new feature. You can access it from here.

Good luck ;)

Click me :3