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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mona is alive!

Mona is alive! and she's burning the stage of "dancing with the stars" xD with her team "Janelski", seems like it was all well planned. Nicely played Marlene, very well played -_-

I suppose now that killing Mona on the Pretty little liars summer finale was just part of a bigger plan... giving her some time off for her DWTS debut since the timeline for this show is around 6 hours of training daily (and am assuming 18 hours to rest) she won't have time to play our beloved Mona anymore for the upcoming season (or current season finale).

I mean who knows what's on their mind,  Marlene is preparing for a new horror movie and her other series "Ravenswood" has been cancelled... or not. No one has time for PLL now, it's all about FAME! expend that thread till it breaks and reap the cash from it till your last breath. With all this being said, and even though I love Mona and hope she would still be alive, I think she deserved this break because her dancing skills are awesome! and she burned the stage on her first appearance with Val, it was breath taking! the chemistry between these two was so obvious and blooming live on the stage, they're all expecting her to go further in the competition.

And look who was cheering for her in the audience: Ashley Benson and Brant Daugherty. Awesome support, if only more cast members would come, especially the liars.

Has Ashley ever been spotted smiling -_- 

Aside from her great acting skills, her dancing is as good as her heavenly voice. That's it: Mona's got talent! Go team Janelski!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Die Winterreise : Gute Nacht

Franz Schubert is one of my favorite composers and his masterpiece "Die Winterreise" is at the top of my classical playlist (along with Franz Schumann's Mondnacht in this genre).

Schubert's "Die Winterreise" is a song cycle enveloping 24 settings of poems by Wilhelm Müller. You cannot hear of the name Schubert without the mention of his "Winterreise" and how great a piece (song) it is. A simply marvelous and legendary piece that had more fame than Beethoven's "An die ferne Geliebte" in this genre. 

It's a rather sad piece like all other great pieces by great composers, I suppose sadness is easier to express or rather has a better display of emotions than happiness. But what saddens me the most is the era of great composers that will never be reincarnated, it's extremely rare to touch such greatness in piano composition.      

Here's an English translation of the German "Die Winterreise" No. 1. Good Night (Gute Nacht)

As a stranger I arrived
As a stranger I shall leave
I remember a perfect day in May
How bright the flowers
How cool the breeze

The maiden spoke of love
The mother had kind words
But now the world is dreary
With a winter path before me

I can’t choose the season
To depart from this place
I won’t delay or ponder
I must begin my journey now

The bright moon lights my path
It will guide me on my road
I see the snow-covered meadow
I see where deer have trod

A voice within says – go now
Why linger and delay?
Leave the dogs to bay at the moon
Before her father’s gate

For love is a thing of changes
God has made it so
Ever-changing from old to new
God has made it so

So love delights in changes
Good night, my love, good night
Love is a thing of changes
Good night, my love, good night

I’ll not disturb your sleep
But I’ll write above your door
A simple farewell message
Good night, my love, good night

These are the last words spoken

Soon I’ll be out of sight
A simple farewell message
Good night, my love, good night

and if you want to sing along, here's the German poem:

Fremd bin ich eingezogen,
Fremd zieh' ich wieder aus.
Der Mai war mir gewogen
Mit manchem Blumenstrauß.
Das Mädchen sprach von Liebe,
Die Mutter gar von Eh', -
Nun ist die Welt so trübe,
Der Weg gehüllt in Schnee.

Ich kann zu meiner Reisen
Nicht wählen mit der Zeit,
Muß selbst den Weg mir weisen
In dieser Dunkelheit.
Es zieht ein Mondenschatten
Als mein Gefährte mit,
Und auf den weißen Matten
Such' ich des Wildes Tritt.

Was soll ich länger weilen,
Daß man mich trieb hinaus?
Laß irre Hunde heulen
Vor ihres Herren Haus;
Die Liebe liebt das Wandern -
Gott hat sie so gemacht -
Von einem zu dem andern.
Fein Liebchen, gute Nacht!

Will dich im Traum nicht stören,
Wär schad' um deine Ruh',
Sollst meinen Tritt nicht hören -
Sacht, sacht die Türe zu!
[Ich schreibe nur im Gehen
An's Tor noch gute Nacht]1,
Damit du mögest sehen,
An dich hab' ich gedacht

If you don't understand the story behind the poem or for more Schubert related content, visit this blog : theoryofmusic


Monday, September 1, 2014

Tips for new IIUM Kuantan students

Do not read if you have any of the following symptoms:

-fragile heart
-empty stomach
-if you're a spoiled brat
-if you're allergic to smiley faces :) :) :) (like me)

"Welcome to the garden of knowledge and virtue": that's what it says at the entrance and in your offer letter, am sure you've seen it. After you spend your lovely days in Gombak campus exploring and doing your medical check-up and such, trying out the delicious variety of food there... you will be headed towards Kuantan (if you're pursuing medical, dentistry or health sciences) and if you're wondering what it's like in Kuantan, I can honestly tell you : it's nothing like Gombak :) and I don't mean it in a nice way :) :) :)

So after you settle up in your tiny room with your other 3 roommates (there are no single rooms... yet) you can go out and take a look around. There are only 2 mahallas : Talhah and Maimunah and some mahallah outside the uni called Tabari. the campus is really beautiful and raw (really, maybe a bit too raw). We have pythons, monkeys, rats, dogs at night and pretty much all sorts of insects (some haven't even been discovered yet!). We haven't seen tigers yet but if you keep quiet for a long time you might spot some of them behind the gate through the forest, so don't even think of going to a zoo, we have it all here!

If you're not into animals and insects, there's a beautiful lake just few meters from the front gate you can visit anytime. For more pictures on the surroundings and the lake, you can visit this post :

After that, you might get a bit hungry so you can head to the main cafeteria (and by "main" I mean "only"), we have all sorts of Malay food... only :) and we have the same menu every week. You know what they say, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger and we're not dead yet so... :) Maybe you'll get a bit of a food poisoning situation (especially if you're going for lot 2) but that's only because they have rats inside, nothing too serious according to the mahallah office :) :) :) 

There are also cafes in each kulliyyah but they're only open during lunch hour.
But lucky for you, they recently opened 2 shops outside the uni (from the gate next to the mosque): a Burger king shop and an Ayam Penyit shop (I think I spelled that wrong :) )
I stole this picture from somewhere :)
Now that your stomach is full, you might wanna go on the internet and chill for a while so go ahead and do that... if you have enough internet bars in your room. See, the thing is, there's no rule on how the wifi functions: some rooms have 5 bars, some have 0 and some have the bars without the internet and so on... but I know all the hot spots so feel free to ask :) :) :)
The good thing is that the internet is really good in the kulliyyahs and the areas around them so, you can chill while you study :) (you did not hear this advice from me)

I think the only comfortable place around here that I consider the best area is the library. It's quiet, comfortable and filled with books xD Like my own little sanctuary. You will love this place even if you're not into books, coz most people come here to sleep however, you should remember that there's a (permanent) problem with the AC making the temperature either too cold or too hot to bear so bring a blanket. Engineers are still unable to solve this mystery, some people say it's haunted but we are yet to confirm that.

I stole this picture too
and this one too
If you ever feel bored, you can either go to the beach (Teluk cemped... cempeda... ok i dunno how to pronounce it) or you can go to the mall (we only have 3 malls here and no, we still don't have Nando's :( i know, how sad) but if you're an active human being you can visit the sports complex which is awesome! they have almost all kinds of sports equipment + a lovely swimming pool. The sports complex is at the end of the uni to the left from the entrance.

guess what? yeah, this pic is also stolen :)
I had pictures of the sports complex but I don't remember where I put them, never mind,more suspense for you :p You can also bike around the area, there are plenty of leftover bikes and real bikes (just a bit rusty) you could even build your own car out of the bike-rubbish around so feel free to grab some :)

Lastly, if you think that this post is too depressing, you can always head to the beautiful mosque and nothing a few prayers and duaa can't fix :) After all, if you're here to seriously study then you'll adjust normally and in no time. The people around here are extremely kind and always around for help (like me, except on weekdays and weekends). 

now THIS is a picture I didn't steal xD

this one too

That's all for now, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Have a blessed and enthusiastic beginning and may Allah ease it for you all.

Salam :) :) :)

Friday, August 29, 2014

The fishy challenge

After I overcame my irrational hate towards rice, and after eating it for almost everyday now, i thought why not level up a little bit and try to overcome my ultimate irrational hate towards an ingredient that's a big "No No" for me. A food that I would never even imagine eating, something that I hate so much I wouldn't even dare to look at in the market... did you get it yet? or should I keep going with the suspense? ok... A food that I've always hated for no reason! Maybe because of the smell, maybe the look, maybe those eyes that keep staring at me even after it's cooked :s or maybe its bones? The history is still unclear of why me, and am sure many others, hate it... we just do so deal with it world!

Drum rolls please~ 

Thank you troll face.

Ladies and gentleman, the hate towards fish is just... another mystery the world has yet to solve but since am living in an Asian country and am practically eating rice everyday (almost) I just couldn't live with the guilt... the guilt of being a future nutritionist who doesn't eat fish :( it's a shame, an unforgivable sin. How can I recommend it to people if I don't even eat it? So I decided to start on a "fishy challenge" A.K.A ikan busuk xD

To eat rice 3 times a week!

Don't faint yet, I know it's hard and almost impossible and yda yada yada and you have to start with once a week then twice.... No! am doing the whole ride, because I can? and because I should and because it's a must and also am running out of reasons so, I think it's only logical to eat fish if you're living next to a fishing pond. Kuantan is famous for its fish and fish restaurants so I should make the best of my time here, it's an opportunity not to be missed.

Now, there are some people who like some kind of fish and hate some other but for me, I hate everything that moves in the water (boats included) and because I have Thalassophobia, I guess it only makes sense that am scared of fish as well. But this is about to end for I have already completed week 1 of the challenge! Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are officially my "fish days"... and yes, I hate those days now >n<

For those of you who are wondering, how come a fish hater simply starts eating fish? the answer is simple : you just do! if you put your mind to it, you can simply accomplish it. Am not saying it'll magically disappear, you will go through a lot to adjust but it all starts with stinky baby steps xD start eating and stop thinking.

If you're not convinced yet, just take a look at some nutritional values of some fish types and you will be amazed by how super this food is. I've known this all along but I never managed to get over the fact that I just hate fish, back home I used to eat sardines but only 2 or 3 fishes per month x3 or so simply because I needed the omega-3 and omega-6 in them.

Click on the image to access Nutritiondata website

Here are some nutrition numbers you could find in Salmon, Chinook and raw fish:

Click on the image to access Nutritiondata website
Click on the image to access Nutritiondata website
Click on the image to access Nutritiondata website

And some people may not know this, but fish contains 0% carbohydrates! 0!!! so you're missing on a lot. All the proteins, minerals and vitamins and especially the omega-3 and omega-6 content... you do not wanna miss all this simply because you hate fish, especially people who suffer from hair loss it's the perfect combination of nutrients to treat it.

You might wanna try all kinds of fish and in all different cooking methods, maybe you'll find your target. I personally think that some fried fish tastes like chicken and that prawns cooked in a sizzling sauce taste better than any fish I've tried. It's a great adventure of taste you do not wanna miss it.

From a religious point of view:

"It is He Who made the sea subservient to you so that you can eat fresh flesh from it..." (Qur'an, 16:14)

"Anything you catch in the sea is lawful for you, and all food from it, for your enjoyment and that of travellers…" (Qur'an, 5:96)

It is well known that fish is considered the best type of "meat" in our religion and is highly recommended. I will not cite the benefits for they are countless and there are plenty of websites who speak about them in detail, here's one that talks about the benefits from a Quranic point of view:

So if you're still not convinced, just keep Googling or you could just grab some fish on a weekly basis and see the benefits with time ;)

Stay healthy

Colmar tropicale

(This post was meant to be written yesterday but had to be cancelled due to a lab emergency... but who cares right? xD)

Once upon a time, I said I was gonna share my vacation trip destinations (pictures) with you (you who read my blog and the me from the future) but didn't... then we lived happily ever after. But now, am going to do so bit by bit (since there are hundreds of pictures) and am gonna divide it into segments depending on region... or mood :3 probably every Thursday just so I can say TBT! And I thought I should start with the best place I visited in Malaysia so far : Colmare tropicale!!! (yeah am a racist xD)

So Colmare tropicale, A.K.A Berjaya Hills resort, is a tourist destination in Bukit Tinggi Pahang (but it's not more than an hour distance from KL). It's basically a group of separated destinations in one area that you can visit by shuttle bus (even if you go by car): There's a French village, a japanese village, botanical garden, spas, animal park and many other activities (like horse riding and such). I only visited the French and Japanese village and they were amazing! Very small but very well made, especially the French village. The only thing missing was the French menu :/ (I nearly cried) I thought, finally I can eat the food I miss from back home but there was only western and Malay food, but the view was worth it. It's a secluded area so you can be assured you'll indulge in a serene environment. I'll let the pictures speak.

my cute sister :3 

She sang Adele, like we needed the feels -_-

When you say 'French village" you'd expect something "French" but only the architecture pops up here, there's really nothing French about it. But you will enjoy the scenery for sure.
There's a Spa right in front that's build in the form of a castle, extremely fancy and very well built.Worth taking a look at but am not sure about the price.

The spa

When you walk out, you head to the right and take the shuttle bus for a tour of the place or you can head straight to the Japanese village. Note that there are specific hours for the shuttle bus, if you happen to miss them you're screwed xD There's about 1 hour to 1.30 between each bus arrival. You climb some stairs, walk into the forest a bit until you reach the place I was eager to visit! I was running impatient until I saw it... I couldn't believe my eyes. Two small Japanese houses where you get to try kimonos and take pictures in them (my favorite part) and walk around the ponds and all the Japanese instruments like the "Shishi Odoshi", it was really fun... except that I don't know where I put all the pictures and some of them even got ruined O-o (ghost photography) I managed to retrieve some of them only.

my favourite picture, waiting for Kenshin... x3

this is a tea house/restaurant with actual Japanese menu
This way leads to the botanical garden
just pondering~

On the way back, don't EVER think of returning without the shuttle bus or maybe say "why not walk there", there are monkeys: huge wild monkeys roaming around, one that could kill you with one punch... or stare, we saw one when we were on the shuttle bus so be careful not to get killed. Other than that, this trip is all worth it despite being tiring, you will head straight to bed after it and dream about visiting again... and again... and again...

So this was our Colmare tropicale story for the day, and they lived happily... ever after~

I'll see you in another lost adventure from my previous trips, until then... hmmm... I need to think of a catchy phrase... well, whatever, just go back to your boring life :)


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pretty little liars S05 Ep12 : Fatal finale

Here's a download/watch link for episode 12 of PLL season 05 uploaded on Firedrive in HD

Episode 12


Pretty little liars S05 Ep11

Here's a download/watch link for episode 11 of PLL season 05 uploaded on Firedrive in HD

Episode 11


Click me :3